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Diane Brandon

Igniting Your Inner Potential & Path


Integrative Intuitive Counseling & Coaching


Integrative Intuitive Counselor

Intuitive Consultant, Intuition Teacher, Intuition Expert, &

Personal Path & Life Coach

Author of Dream Interpretation for Beginners & Intuition for Beginners

Speaker& Seminar Leader

Dream Interpretation & Dream Work

Healing Meditations

Customized Affirmations & Exercises

Former Radio Host

Spiritually Aware Since Birth


Facilitating, Empowering, Teaching, Mentoring, & Healing

Diane  Provides


Holistic Modalities  & Insight for

Personal Growth, Spiritual Healing,

Emotional Well-Being, & Fulfillment in Life:


· Intuitive Counseling & Coaching

· Personal  Growth Facilitation

· Dream Interpretation/Dreamwork

· Customized Healing Meditations

· Intuition Lessons & Coaching on Accessing Intuitive Information On Demand

· Spiritual Counseling

· Intuition Mentoring

· Customized Affirmations

· Past-Life Regression

· Natural Process Healing

· Workshops & Private Lessons


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“Her work is miraculous!”


“Diane is able to read the essence of a situation and provide valuable feedback information.”



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To arrange a private consultation or Private Lesson, contact Diane at:

Diane Brandon

P. O. Box 16125

Durham, NC  27704

Tele.  (919) 237-3204

E-mail: diane at dianebrandon dot com

Diane is also a Singer, Actor, and

Voice-Over Artist.

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Articles by Diane


· “Wholism and the New Age”


An exploration of the idea of wholism and what it means to be whole - with some musings on whether the New Age community is always wholistic.

·  “Paths to Empowerment”


What is personal “empowerment” and what are the components of this desired state?  An introduction to the concept and how we may empower and reclaim ourselves.

·  “Guided Meditation and Regression – Powerful Tools”


 A brief description of these modalities and what they may achieve.

·  “Experiential Spirituality and Contemporary Gnosis


 What are the hallmarks of contemporary spirituality and what is true knowing?

·  “Vocal Tips for Storytellers”


How can storytellers take care of one of their most precious assets, their voices?

· “Shamar’s Journey of Love”


A children’s story about feeling a connection to life.

·  Letter to the Editor of Newsweek


A response to two articles in a July 1996 issue of Newsweek, but never run in the magazine

· “Heart-Centeredness


An exploration of the new concept of heart-centeredness, including new research, and how to become more heart-centered.

· Dream Interpretation:  “Unwrapping the Wonderful Gift of Dreams”


A look at the world of dreams and how to interpret dreams

· “Intuition — An Intuitive’s View”


An informative look at intuition and its accessibility for all of us

· Musings on Ghosts, Apparitions, & The Veil Between Realities”


Are all ghosts and hauntings the same type of phenomenon?

· “The Dance of Personal and Spiritual Growth:  Syncing Up the Levels”


Thoughts on the inherent connection between personal and spiritual growth


·  “Disasters in Myanmar/Burma and China — Thoughts and Lessons”

What are we to learn from these devastating tragedies?  Some thoughs…..


· Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina — Spiritual Implications, Thoughts, & Perceptions”

Hurricane Katrina had many spiritual lessons for us….


· “Choosing Hope — Thoughts on the Terrorism of September 11”

What can we learn from the awful events of September 11?  A spiritual perspective….


· The Misguided Imperative to Be Positive”

We have been taught for years that we need to be positive, but is being positive all the time really either desirable or good for us?


· Reflections on 2008 Election — A New Day

The feeling of optimism is palpable after Obama’s decided and historic win in the 2008 Presidential election.  Some reflections on this moment….


· Befriending Your Other Self—Plumbing Your Depths and Amplifying Self

An exploration of how our unconscious, the largest part of our mind,  affects our behavior and life and how to work with it.


· Exploring Your Dreams for Wellness

An exploration of the complexity of dreams, how they can represent different phenomena, and how we can use our dreams to benefit our wellness.

· The Loss of Two Beloved Giants

In North Carolina, we lost two giants of the local metaphysical community in 2013, both of whom had a strong influence on the community.


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