Text Box:     Diane Does Custom Interviews

      Let Diane Brandon Interview YOU for Your Website

   Let Your Customers & Site Visitors Get to Know   You, Get Your Message Across, & Build Trust

Text Box: Let Diane Brandon Interview YOU!

Adding a Custom Audio Interview with Professional Radio Host Diane Brandon Allows You to:

Get Your Message Across to Your Customers

Build Customer Trust

Build Credibility

Communicate Professionalism

Build Your Image as Reputable & Approachable

Interviews are EDITED for a Professional Effect 

Or You Could Elect to Have a RAW Interview Done, with NO Editing
Text Box: EDITED interviews
RATES for EDITED Audio Interviews:

1-5—Minute Interview    			$250
5-10—Minute Interview			$400
10-15—Minute Interview		       $550
15+ Minutes			Ask for Quotation

RAW Interviews 
(Unedited, with No Music or Sound Balancing — Will Contain Pauses, Ums, Uhs, Lip-Smacking, Clicks, & Bloopers)
RATES for RAW Interviews

Up to 30-Minute Interview		$ 95
30-Minute—One Hour Interview	 150

(919) 237-3204
diane at dianebrandon dot com

Listen to a Message from Diane:  Click Here


Listen to EDITED Interview Demo:  Click Here


Listen to RAW Interview Demo:  Click Here



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