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  Exercises from Intuition for Beginners


To make it easier for you to use the exercises in Intuition for Beginners, you can use these recorded MP3s of the exercises in the book.

Purchase the Whole Set of Exercises for $49.95 - Buy Now

An Initial Guided Meditation, $16.95 - Buy Now

Shorter Guided Meditation, $5.95 - Buy Now

Guided Meditation to Get a Sense of Your Intuition, $6.95 - Buy Now

Receiving an Answer to a Question through Imagery, $5.95 - Buy Now

Decision-Making through Experience and Feeling, $6.95 - Buy Now

Decision-Making through Body Wisdom, $6.95 - Buy Now

When Faced with a Yes/No Question, $5.95 - Buy Now

Imagery to Strengthen Your Intuition, $6.95 - Buy Now

Practice in Reading Someone Else, $6.95 - Buy Now

Bypassing Personal Stuff, $5.95 - Buy Now

Reading a Situation, $6.95 - Buy Now

Practice Reading Yourself, $6.95 - Buy Now

Finding an Answer to a Question, $6.95 - Buy Now

Receiving Open-Ended Guidance or Information, $5.95 - Buy Now