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  A Message From Diane

Just remember that there’s so much more within you.

Explore your depths – embrace your true self – open up and connect with every living being outside of you – develop your potential – heal and remove any blocks.

Live purposefully!

I have been deeply spiritual since birth, literally.  My earliest memories — at birth — were of thinking, “I don’t want to be back here again.”  I knew that when I wasn’t here (on earth), I had absolute knowledge and was with God, the Divine, and I didn’t want to be limited in my knowledge and awareness or feel apart from God.

I have been fortunate because I have always retained my sense of connection with God.  I always knew that everyone and everything was connected and part of something bigger.  I also came to realize over the years that my spiritual orientation was to that of a higher level.

As much as I didn’t want to be here, I also knew that I was supposed to be here in this lifetime, that I had something to do and was here on assignment, and in my mind that purpose had to do with performing, acting and singing.  Indeed, I pursued performing for most of my life.

In addition to my love of performing, I also continued to pursue my lifelong interest in metaphysics.  (The spiritual was such a deep part of my life that I could never be without it.)  

Then I was thrown a curve ball, as we often are in life:  I started working professionally with my intuition, initially as a way to augment my income from performing.  At first, I wondered what in the world I was doing, as I had never seen myself as intuitive or as a “psychic” (to use a common word that often has negative connotations).  And yet my intuitive work grew.  I consistently received positive and grateful feedback from people for whom I had done sessions.

I struggled with this new direction in my life and the implications it had for what I knew of myself.  And it took me quite a few years to come to grips with this new work I was doing, as well as to grasp exactly what I was doing and how I was doing it.

My intuitive work continued to grow and take off.  I started writing articles, speaking, and teaching workshops.

Today I am completely comfortable with this area of my life.  What had initially come out of “left field” for me has now become a passion and firmly rooted in my being.  I love not only facilitating individuals, but also teaching and facilitating workshops and corporate seminars.  I love being able to make these apparently “mysterious” phenomena more down-to-earth and quite normal for others, to the extent that they find intuition genuinely accessible and applicable in a practical way.  I love awakening others to their own abilities and seeing the light bulb go off.  I know without a doubt that this is the work I am supposed to do.

I am grateful to have been given this gift and grateful for my wonderful clients over the years.  It is with respect and humility that I do my intuitive, personal facilitation, and teaching work