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Author, Intuitive, Speaker, Teacher, Coach, Consultant, Healer, Born Aware
Facilitating, Empowering, Teaching, Mentoring, & Healing

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Praise for Born Aware:

“A compelling exploration of a spiritual phenomenon, Born Aware is fresh and engaging.”—Foreword Reviews

"Born Aware is brilliant, brave, and beautiful.  It is a giant step forward in the understanding of consciousness and spiritual DNA." - Laurie Nadel, PhD

"Born Aware is a beautiful and brilliant book...." - Gary E. Schwartz, PhD

"This is an important book for navigating and making sense of this grand transition to the emerging new world and new human." - John L. Peterson

"Fascinating portrayal...a delightful book. It is also one that offers an important insight...." --Spirituality Today

"A fascinating book on a rarely touched upon subject....captivating." - Erlendur Haraldsson, PhD

A Welcome from Diane:

Just remember that there's so much more within you and you can connect to higher levels spiritually.

Explore your depths - embrace your true self - open up and connect with every living being outside of you - develop your potential - heal and remove any blocks.

Live purposefully!

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"Her work is miraculous!"
"Diane is able to read the essence of a situation and provide valuable feedback information."

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